HeyAlfa - Your event promotion sidekick

Stop scheduling.
Start living.

HeyAlfa generates complete end-to-end social media marketing campaigns so your event is always being promoted — even when you're too busy to do it.

Cut right to the chase.

HeyAlfa handles ticket sales, speaker promo, schedule updates, and more, so you can use your time connecting with your audience in a deeper way.

Part robot,
part man's best friend.

HeyAlfa's intelligent automation engine knows the right thing to say at the right time for each event.

As a result of using HeyAlfa, we earned record levels of promotion, engagement with our audience, and awareness about TEDxWinnipeg 2019.

I would encourage anyone organizing or promoting an event to use HeyAlfa for their social media promotion.

Nicole Jensen, Chair, TEDxWinnipeg

How HeyAlfa Helps You Save Time

Let’s face it: The hardest part about event promotion is writing and scheduling social media content.

HeyAlfa helps you save time on the boring tasks in just two easy steps:

1. Add Your Event’s Information

Upload or add your event’s information including speakers, early bird dates, ticket pricing, hashtags, and more.

2. Review Your Campaign Timeline

Tell HeyAlfa when the important milestones happen during your promotional campaign so she knows exactly what to say, and when to say it.

Spend your time doing marketing that matters.

Use the time you save using HeyAlfa to grow your community, develop marketing campaigns, and invest in the details that add value and help your event sell out.

As a content creator, it can be difficult to stay creative all the time. HeyAlfa helped take some of that weight off my shoulders.

HeyAlfa helped post event-specific content in a timely fashion, which gave me the ability to focus my attention on other marketing efforts.

Danielle Hammond, Marketing Manager, Social School


Here are some example posts that HeyAlfa wrote for our users.

Let HeyAlfa handle your event promotion.

HeyAlfa didn’t just help me save time, it saved me STRESS, and I’m not sure how to put a price tag on that feeling. HeyAlfa helped me move on with my day; I could wake up knowing my campaign was taken care of.

Susan Bater, Program Manager, Community Futures MB & SK